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Leadership and ministry


Program projects

The mission:


we prepare community leaders and teams for professional and personal breakthrough, implementation of social innovations for the well-being and sustainable development of communities

Who does the program work with

  • priests, pastors and consecrated persons engaged in social service in their community

  • Christian teams that carry out social service and want to expand their influence

  • cultural workers who are willing to work in partnership with the church on social projects

  •  female leader

  • people who share our values ​​and are willing to support or participate in projects

Sunday podcast about ministry as a lifestyle and priests who make a difference. Joint project with RADIO Skovoroda.


We talk to influential fathers as opinion leaders in their communities, ambassadors of good change and innovation. About whether the church can be for people today. On role models and social practices: volunteering, non-formal education, youth spaces, environmental awareness, inclusion, women's leadership.


We look at the church, not as a system of prohibitions, but as a platform for opportunities.

Host: Jana Pekun.

"Holy Truth"


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