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Helps Ukrainian mothers cope with temporary difficulties 

What do mothers need?


The mothers, who were forced to leave their home, sometimes should start their life from scratch in a new place.


A new city – new challenges, needs, including – a place of residence, housing arrangement, hygiene, food.

Our goal:

 We quickly respond to the needs of mothers and parents, who have arrives with their children from the affected communities

We care about women's needs and create an environment where mothers can get the suuport they need from Mama+ by contacting us or their social worker.

How can you help?

  • make a donation to Маmа+

  • check the situation of mothers with children in your city

  • spread the information about Маmа+ among your colleagues

According to the International Office of Migration, 17.5% of Ukrainians are internally displaced, so that’s every sixth person. This number includes 60% women. In fact, 18% of families with children till the age of 5 have had difficulties accessing enough food to feed themselves.

Women and children are the vulnerable group of people, thus they require a lot of our attention and care. 

Why Mаmа+

For that reason we invite everyone to join our fundraising campaign and support families in such difficult period for them.

Mother tell their stories

Kira is expecting her brother. He was supposed to be born in a newly renovated apartment in Kramatorsk, but the war made adjustments to the family's plans

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How have we been helping mothers for 10 years?»

Our organization supports families with children so that children can be brought up in families and avoid living in institutional care facilities. We support mothers and fathers who are raising children independently so that the conditions in which children live are suitable for their upbringing.


Within the Ukrainian Education Platform projects, we support graduates of boarding schools, who are raising their children, support family forms of education, improve the living conditions of children in families, help families in difficult life circumstances through the "Good Neighbor" project and others.


It is important for us that every mother or every father has the opportunity to ask for help and receive it from social specialists, volunteers, neighbors in order to preserve the family for the child.

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