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Iryna from Slovyansk

MAMA + initiative


For the first time Iryna left her home in 2014. Due to the Russian invasion, it was dangerous to stay in their native Donetsk, thus the woman with three-year-old twins in her hands moved to Slovyansk. But the war reached them here as well. The family fled to Kharkiv region, but when Slovyansk was liberated by the Ukrainian army, Iryna with her children stayed there. 


On March 10, 2022 року they again had to leave the city which had become home for them. Lviv two-bedroom flat became a shelter for Iryna with her children and one more family.  


In Slovyansk Iryna worked as a pharmacist at the chemist’s, though in Lviv she has not got time to work at the moment. The twins Hlib and Daryna have cerebral palsy. The girl needed a surgery, so within a couple of weeks the family had to move to a Lviv hospital.

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