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Maryna from Mariupol

MAMA + initiative

— Kostia, my son, often asks, why is there a war? Why have we left our home? At night he shivers, although he has not seen neither death nor blood with his own eyes. He left the basement only for five minutes to breathe. And then again — the darkness and dust of the shelter. 


Maryna tells the story of her family in the city of Brody. They have been living here together with their son, sister and nephew since the end of March. Their departure from Mariupol they call a miracle. Their car remained intact, while the neighboring cars in the convoy were on fire.


—  We were so hospitably received in Brody. Still, it's hard for us. We loved Mariupol! We want to come back home so much... We need to start a new life, look for permanent housing, work, but time seems to have stopped for us.  

Maryna's family received humanitarian aid and social support from the Ukrainian Educational Platform.

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