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We are Ukrainian Education Platform

(2000 -  2021 - Lviv Education Foundation). We are providers of positive change with a 10+ year experience of social transformations in Ukraine


Now we are stronger than ever. The whole world is with us - now we know and see it. Therefore, there is only one way forward - to win the war and strengthen responsible, powerful communities that are already defending their country.

Mariana Kashchak
CEO of The Ukrainian Education Platform

The full-scale war that russia launched against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, forced us to increase our activities on following areas


Leadership and Ministry create support centers throughout Ukraine that become centers of community cooperation and assistance. Provide the needs of residents of those regions of the country that have found themselves in a humanitarian crisis. Organize the evacuation of people together with partners.


Community for Family works to provide for all families with children and other family-type forms who have been forced to leave their homes.

Building Ukraine Together focuses on building long-term housing (or facilities) for internally displaced persons in the western and central regions of Ukraine, by involving young people in volunteer camps.

Share your Home with those who lost theirs due to the war

Шукай у своєму регіоні та користуйся безкоштовними послугами

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Share your Home with those who lost theirs due to the war


WOWoman. Історії

Історії учасниць першої програми розвитку жіночого лідерства Української освітньої платформи "WOWoman. Потенціал в тобі"

Share your Home with those who lost theirs due to the war

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a support platform for families who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the war


During 2011-2021 we:


We involved more than 10,000 young Ukrainians in volunteering


We created social services in 14 communities in Lviv Region


Together with partners, we implemented more than 670 projects to support orphans and children from crisis families across the country


More than 1,200,000 children and families we have been supported in the crisis across the country


Rebuilt over 700 buildings for families in crisis and those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine since 2014


2 institutional care institutions were reformed by us

Our partners

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