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is housing for people from communities affected by russian invasion of Ukraine

The social initiative aim is to provide internally displaced persons with comfortable conditions for living and socialization in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia and Ternopil regions.

What we do:

  • we arrange shelters for short and long-term stay

  • we form a housing bank

  • we ensure the operation of hotlines that provide daily informational support for finding a place to live for IDPs

Share your Home
with those who have lost theirs.

Register using the link and we will contact you

Welcome to a virtual tour of our Domivka in Stebnyk, Lviv Region

Hotlines regarding settlement:

📞 Sokal and Stebnyk, Lviv Region

+38(068)941 63 12


📞 Berezhany,

Ternopil Region

+38(096) 148 66 41


📞 Velykyi Bychkiv, Zakarpattia Region

+38(068) 698 50 41


📞 Kolomyia,

Ivano-Frankivsk Region

+38(099)088 91 98

📞 Kamianka-Buzka, Lviv Region

+ 38(068) 320 49 09

📞 Khmilnyk, Vinnytsia Region

+ 38(050)951 64 17


"Domivka" is implemented in cooperation with the Legal Development Network and the "Vulyk Zmistiv" social initiative.

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