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The Ukrainian educational platform invites you to participate in the program"Social innovations of communities" 2023

To participate in the project, fill out  the application form

until August 1


Community Social Innovation is an educational program for Christian teams seeking to implement social projects and ideas in their communities.


Have a social idea that your community needs? Need a boost? Then "Social innovations of communities" is for you!

Within the program you will receive

1. Training to strengthen your team and ideas:

  • How to correctly analyze the community, identify social problems and build ways to solve them?

  • How to plan a project — mission, goals, tasks, target audiences?

  • How to properly budget the project and how to attract resources for its implementation?

  • How to successfully communicate the project and involve the community in it?

  • How to develop a team  — retain, motivate and develop a team of volunteers?

2. Mentor support


3. Networking and getting to know   teams of like-minded people from all over the country


4. An opportunity to receive financial support for the implementation of your idea in the amount of up to 40,000 hryvnias(* support in the amount of up to UAH 40,000 will be given to the 10 best social ideas)


Criteria for selecting teams participating in the program?

  • Relevance and social significance - the project must solve a real community problem.

  • Innovation - offer a non-standard solution to a problem, one that will interest the audience.

  • Sustainability - we support projects where it is clear how they will develop after the grant, in which there is a vision for the future and growth prospects.


Conditions of participation in the program

  • Have an idea for a social project for a village/village/city and experience in implementing such projects;

  • Have a team of 2 people (the team leader must be: a priest, a pastor, an active Christian or a representative of a monastic community) 

  • Have a registered non-profit (public, charitable, religious) organization and a bank account.

  • Go through the selection of teams and the presentation of your idea.


WARNING! The Ukrainian educational platform cooperates only with the UGCC, RCC, OCU (UPC KP) and Protestant Christian communities of Ukraine within the framework of the "Social Innovations of Communities" program.

Preparatory stage

August 18 - September 15

set of participants

September 21

announcement of selection results

September 27-28

pre-pitching ideas online

The educational part is offline and online

October 11 - 13 - And module 

November 8 - 10 - II module

December 6-8 - III module

We invite responsible people to join the community. Register to participate in the program

If you have any questions, contact


More information on our social media pages:





Frequently asked questions

What costs are covered for program participants?

Within the program we cover:

● Training in 3 educational modules of the program;

● Accommodation and meals (on offline modules);

● Handouts.

The program does not cover:

Transfer of participants to the venue of the modules.

Is studying in the program paid?

The training is free, because the project is financed with the support of the BF "Porticus Foundation", which is implemented by the "Ukrainian educational platform" BO 

However, in case of selection, your team is obliged to go through and complete the training part of the program.

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